Wednesday, April 17, 2002

I Go Away For Just One Day.........

…….AND ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!! Firstly my comments system is down (again). I apologise but its being moved to a new server and should be up again by Saturday. Go donate for the cause at Net Comments.

Plus I seem to have been inundated by visitors!! Thanks Sister Mary Matthew and Geoff. Plus some odd searches have been directing to me such as “Having Sex” and “Smallville Hair Style”. My 1000 target should be reached soon (which means a lot of drinking, although the Hardc0re 3 really don’t need an excuse!!)

Monday night I went out with lots of people to Wetherspoons where we got told off for laughing, for touching the fake flowers and playing spin the phone (its not a pub, its more like living in a Fascist dictatorship!!). I found myself fancying someone I really shouldn’t (no names as Pete and Laura would laugh until they cried if they knew who!!). And there is a barmaid there called Katherine who I am determined to write a sitcom about. She has short ginger hair, a no nonsense attitude (“I only ask politely once..”) and an obvious hatred of doing bar work. She is like a cross between Grace Under Fire and Ellen. Perfect material.

Tuesday I had a day off from work and blogs. It was a very nice peaceful day. I had a haircut, watched Alien and The Living End, went shopping with Elliot, joined a charity (I can’t seem to help doing that!!), and went for lunch with Elliot and Laura at Wetherspoons again. When I got home I read a little book about Canada and another on the Rise and Fall of the British Empire, watched Holby City and went to bed. And just to let you know I haven't given up the idea of immigration to Canada (I have even got an immigration form already, although its only for reference purposes)

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