Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Exclusive - Can't Think of A Good Title Says Jason!

OK its my day off today (finally!!) and I have no money (the last pay cheque bounced, I'm waiting for it to be represented). Stephen (as opposed to Steve) is coming today, my cousins Fran and Rhys are down, and I'm bored.

I didn't go out last night as promised despite Zoe's best attempts to persuade me. I am not going out if I know I'm not going to enjoy myself, and with certain people I know I'll only feel angry at their lack of fun. Imagine gong on a school trip with some overbearing school mistress. Thats what going out with this person is like. "Don't do that, its dangerous." "Lets all have some tea and be friends." I mean we are eighteen!! The whole tea and buns thing might work if it was done post-post-modernist stylee. But its not. Am I the only person who likes to utterly dangerous, dirty, irresponsible things?!

Another thing (oh no I'm ranting) if people stop taking life so seriously things would be so much easier. Some people can't let go. Things that finished years ago should be forgotten (see the ongoing saga of Ed, either get rid of him from you lives forever [change your email address for instance] or forgive). Things that only some off us know (such as two peoples secret rendezvous outside Gees over Christmas) should come out and let people judge it accordingly. I'm sick of people swooning over an adulteress who has knowingly "cheated" (on one of our friends with one of our friends whose girlfriend is one of our friends!!!!). And yet the two innocents in this don't know about it (along with a lot of our group). I desperately want to tell them. I don't like lying to them. But I don't want to be the one who is blamed for hurting them. No names yet, but I've decided that I'm going to do it. I'm going to tell them. The truth may cause me to lose my mates but the truth will out and soon. All of my mates: you have been warned!!

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