Sunday, April 28, 2002

Jay Kay Does London - Again

WARNING - 'Tis Very Long!!

There I was preparig for my meeting when Chris and Pete showed up and asked if I wanted to go for a drive with them before the meeting. I agreed, stupidly(!!), and off we went. Within half an hour Pete had an idea. "Lets go visit Claire!" he screamed spontaneously.

So that was hour half an hour later I found my self waiting for a train at Folkestone Central Station trying to teach Pete how to use the ticket machine. As it was an hour until the next train to London Bridge, Pete decided to try and find something diverting to do. This resulted in him reading "Take A Break" in a Pete stylee. I can not replicate that here but it was extremely funny!! Then a strange bloke started to hover near us (not literally although that would have been fun!!) and every time I laughed he quietly guffawed.

On the train we played "I Spy" to pass the time. "Is it Mahatma Gandhi?" asks Pete. "No as I said it starts with an S" I would suggest. As you can imagine with our brilliant minds the game lasted quite a long time. Then we discovered the "Never Ending Tunnel", a tunnel so long I may have lost a wholke year of my life in there.

We arrived at around 20:30 and were meet by Claire and three of her friends. We immediatly headed for Kings College's Student Union Bar. Here Pete was voted most likely to be gay and for a few brief seconds Claire's mates considered us a couple (before I put them right!!). The student union was nice the club even better. It was a mini version of Event II, with such classic music as "Like a Prayer" - Madonna and "Whereever Whenever" - Shakira. At one point some bloke tried to dance with me which was uncomfortable.
After trying to convince Claire's mates I was in fact gay (I still don't think they believe me!!) we headed back to Claire's house. I slept on Claires floor.

At around 10:00 we got up and had pizza and Micro Chips for brunch. Claire was the perfect host may I add. We arranged to meet Stephen at London Bridge Station and after introducing him to Claire and Pete we began a suprisigly brief search for the Millennium Bridge. It was quite nice (although I think it'd be far better if it still wobbled!!). After that we went to the Tate Modern. It was okay. Stephen spent most of the time proclaiming to the world which men he saw were gay, or cuddling and kissing me. I am not comfortable with this anymore not since the stone throwing incident. To think I used to be the one who held his hand proudly as we wandered homophobic Folkestone! Artwork there was almost always described a bit like this:

Although this piece appears to be a glass of water on a shelf, the artist maintains it is in fact an oak tree(!)"

After the gallery we wandered towards a Slug and Lettuce (Stephen: The Slag and Lesbian) pub via a river walk and a market (where I was eyed up by some Spanish market merchant much to Stephen's annoyance). And after a drink me and Pete headed home by train. Thanks Pete for subsisdising this trip!!

After about an hour and a halfs respite back home I set off for Wetherspoons. There was John, Laura, Pete, Chris, Sarah and her deliciously cute "ex" Adam (we shall call him Adam 2 to avoid confusion with Adam, our absent friend). It was an okay evening in which Chris got very drunk, and while Sarah, Chris, Laura, Pete and John went off clubbing (I hope you danced this time Pete!!) I went home. Phew what a weekend.

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