Monday, April 29, 2002

Somebody think of the children!!

Why do I always get the impression that British people lack a sense of humour? David Beckham does a tongue in cheek photo shoot with baby oil and glittery pants. And what is the consensus on Channel 4's new breakfast show "RI:SE"? "He is an England captain. He is supposed to be a role model. Is this what we want our boys to copy?!" - Joe Bloggs from Manchester. Get a life you fools. How on Earth can David Beckham (Mr. Stupid himself) corrupt children?! He is so innocent it hurts!!

I am trying not to get annoyed with Brits (I have decided not to be one anymore, just call me human). But really when the national newspaper is The Sun, when people say things like "Hitler had the right idea", when homosexuality is still percieved as something even homosexuals don't want, how can I call myself British? I'm proud to be me. I hate Nazis. I like being nice to people and can't stand fuss. I used to think that was what being British was all about. I was wrong.

Any way to cheer myself up I decided to clean up my blog design a little and make my links tidier.

Please don't blame me for doing quizs all the time. It's just that Rina finds the best!!

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