Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Resigned to my fate

Firstly Happy Saint Georges Day to all you right wing English football holigans. I am far prouder to call myself British.

Now yesterday Jacqui, Roberto, Tank and Tank's wife staged a mass walkout of work. Basically they came and said goodby to me and ran. I spent the three hours after that seriously considering my prospects. At 5p.m. I asked for my £632 that I am owed which they failed to give me. So the last remaining member of Faulty Towers staff walked out. The most upsetting thing for me is that Matt, Mark, Felicity, Stephanie and the Fawlty family live on my work computer. Matt and Mark's relationship will never be resolved. :o(

I returned to Faulty Towers at 8p.m. with Pete to see if they had my money. They promised I would get it Wednesday night. Having consulted with the family lawyer (I love saying that!!) I have now got to decide whether to take the management to small claims court. I am now unemployed once again. Will post my resignation letter tomorrow!!

Went out to Spoons with everyone (+ Sarah who looked bored all night) after Zoe left me and sarah decided we wanted a curry. So we dragged everyone to Bashati for a very civilised (well if you discount Elliot with the popodoms)
Indian. I paid for Elliot. Darn it!!

After that we went down playpark to relive last summer (failed).

As me and Chris were driving back from Lyminge where we had dropped Elliot and John off the car became filled with a strange blue flashing light. Chris was kind enough to tell me it was the police (also see arseholes not all of them just this one) the reason we were pulled over? Because Chris had been a bit slow in dimming his lights. Oh yes thats a criminal offense don't you know. £20-30 fine we were told. Who says the police is a waste of money? What would we do without them? There wouldn't be a dimmed light in the country. This is the reason why I don't celebrate St. georges. English people are weird.

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