Monday, April 01, 2002

Steve's First Day: Jacqui's Thoughts

I'm slowly getting to grips with HTML language as can be seen by my extensive use of colour fading. I'm quite proud of it!! Next week: password access to my site (only kidding!! Although I've learnt how to!).

Steve arrived and I thought he'd bring a sense of order to the place. I thought as its his first day that would not happen quickly. Jacqui has other thoughts. "He's done fuck all. You understand. He came in here and all he's done is draw up a rota and a price list. You understand." I've started to notice she says "You understand" a lot when she is annoyed. He is just getting to grips with this hotel. I mean it will take time (wait till he finds the truth about this place!)

Do you know I've hardly mentioned my cats in the last 3 months. People out there may not even know about them. Well to get everyone up to date: I'm a loony cat person (you know, the one the kids all say is a witch and has about 30 cats). I have 3 cats plus another two who are part time (they live somewhere else but still find the time to laze around my room). They are Millie (8, strict on the others, very refined). Angel (3, the soppiest cat in the world, mother of Scooby), Scooby (0, fun loving, called Scooby Poo for obvious reasons) plus Crystal (unknown, manky cat, hated by everyone but me, has scabies), and Robbie (5, fathers every kitten for a three mile radius, he and Millie flirt terribly, will die if my mum ever sees him again).

I have such a dirty mind. I used to be all innocent and sweet. Now……. Almost every man I see is rated on shag-ability and on what I'd like to do with him. Its terrible. It shouldn't happen. But I can't help it! AAAAHHHHH!!! Any ideas on how to clean my thoughts should be sent to me post haste.

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