Friday, April 26, 2002

When stranges things happen, are you going round the twist?

Well instead of waiting to be called to go to Faulty Towers I went out with Chris, Zoe and Pete down to Gee's. Sonia the barmaid was there who was really nice about the whole me not ging to the interview at the Burstin. And her husband? Hubba hubba. ;o)

Andrew the barman was there. It amazes me how well Beer Googles work on him. One minute he is a fairly average bloke (extremely bad barman) the next he is an outstandingly cute, and very suave bar man.

Jelena phoned to tell me what had be going on in the strange world of hotel management and it would seem the Lambert's went back at about 9p.m. last night. A HUGE row insured and when Mr. Lambert realised he was in a lot of trouble with everyone he "bravely" ran away. He is such a man. Dr. Gaur and Jelena stood in his way to stop his car from leaving. He actually seriously attempted to run them both over. He is psycho. He is currently somewhere in Sandgate (another part of Folkestone, Gee's is there). I know what his car looks like and ma go for a wander today. On another note I now have his French address/phone number, his Peasmarsh address/phone number and his mum's address. He cannot hide for long. (evil laugh).

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