Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Happy May Day

Todays events:- The Queens Jubilee Tour begins in Falmouth. Large anti-capitalist (anti-Fascist) protests throughout the worlds major cities. London police will, as usual, cause it to be more violent than planned.

Yesterday Mr. Creighton (the one Mr. Lambert tried to dupe into giving him £10 000) phoned to say he is almost certainly taking over Faulty Towers on Saturday or Sunday. He offered me a job (basic title:- the only member of staff!!). Woo Hoo!!

Chris and Zoe, bless their little hearts, came round to see me. I do love having guests. Watched telly, and then was persuaded to go out. Thankfully as I have a job again I don't get big lectures every time I go out.

I went to the Leas Club with Sarah, Pete, Elliot, Chris, a Friend of Sarahs, plus we met up with Robin and Aaron. We then talked about Annie all night. (Not really Annie just teasing!!).

So it may be (it isn't 100% certain yet) that in a weeks time I will be back in Faulty Towers. Talk about deja vu!!

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