Monday, July 01, 2002

Wanna Be In Mister Scooby's Gang?

Today, after a few weeks of rejection from Angel, Mister Scooby decided that I am to be his new best friend. So today I was not best pleased to find while seating down a "nice" "gift" lying between my feet. It was a dead mouse. Cheers Scoob's. Bring me Tom Welling next time okay? :o)

Mum, the troublesome car and her depression have left the building. She is spending her first few days at her new job at HQ up in Worchester, so she is away. Leaving me in the company of Tony and the Twins. As you can imagine, I am so happy.

Or Not.

My first full day of proper work. There is a lady on my team who has so got it in for me, for no reason. This has cheered me up immensely. You see now I have someone who I can annoy endlessly. She will wish she never started on the New and Improved Jae. I only like nice people.

Me and Becky are so pleased to be on the same team. It really helps. We have a little extra safety net. Ben is on the team next to us and sits next to one of the Pierce twins (from the year above me at school). Pierce is so gay. And Ben thinks he is cute. Poor deluded Ben..... Jeremy is cute!!

Becky, me and Ben went to lunch together in what appears to be a hidden break room. No one else EVER goes there.

Much happier today.

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