Monday, July 15, 2002

Somebody Find Me Someone To Love...

Today I started on my early shifts (thats 08:00 - 16:15) and I had lunch with Ben, Emily and That Girl. Got alift home with Emily, she is a doll. At lunch Ben told us how he has no friends, due mainly to homophobia and bitchiness. And I felt so sorry for him. I so wanted to say "I'll be your mate." I mean I need more gay friends, he needs more mates (period). Perfect?

Reasons why I didn't:

1) I am a boring old fart that I am sure Ben gets so very tired of each day...
2) I fancy him. Not a very solid basis for a fair and equal friendship. And likely to cause me mental anguish.
3) And we live in Shepway. What is there to do???

Anyway on a related note, I reached the end of my tether today. I have a large man shaped hole in my life (oh please you have such a dirty mind, dear reader!!) and it is getting to me. I can't cope without a relationship. When I ran away to France me and Stephen were on a break. When I was "ill" me and Colin had parted.

I need someone else in my life, I feel like half a person without a boyfriend. I don't care about the sex (much...) I just want someone to chat to. I am now officially entering "Jae on the pull" mode. Watch out world. Jae is on the prowl. (*readers giggle at hilarity of the idea that Jae might manage to pull in Folkestone*)

take the cher test.

and go to because laura isn't cher.

Thank You Montgomeri

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