Tuesday, July 16, 2002

A Reply

On Saturday at his party Elliot casually mentioned that he thought my sexuality was a "choice". Now it is time for my reply.

I did not choose to be gay. As Archbishop Desmond Tutu (a personal hero of mine) once said, you would have to be crazy to choose to be gay!! I would never have chosen to be gay. I would have liked a simple life. But I would never give up being gay now that I know there is nothing wrong with it.

In fact homosexuality seems perfectly normal to me and I find hetrosexuality hard to contemplate. I find men not only physically attractive but mentally attractive too. I am 100% gay. Girls are nice to chat to and all but... no thank you!! If you think homosexuality is a choice then you are more deluded than you think....

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Saw Six Feet Under last night. It is better than ever!! Love it!!

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Work dull. Had lunch with Ben and That Girl. Walked home and it was really nice, sunny but cool, and I was so cheerful!! Home still stressful. Oh well I will survive (*Jae goes off singing and dancing a certain song, very camply!!*)

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Had to listen to my voice during an evaluation today. I sound camper than I expected.... oh well...

Oh by the way, hardly worth mentioning, why not, if you feel like it, use my guestmap? Not that I am bothered or anything...

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