Friday, July 05, 2002

A Mixed Bag

Okay so this morning was awful. I was on my own as Lynda was away and got so bored i resorted to actually doing paperwork, god damn it.....

Lunch time perked me right up tho. Chatted with becky and Dave and we got Mat a birthday card. He was dead chuffed. Saw Emily and Kat. And Ben positively ordered me to go to Skuba with him tonight, at 19:30. The afternoon came and i felt much better, i chatted to the new temp, Rebecca, who starts properly on Monday, and tried to give myself an air of maturity. She said i sounded really good on the phones. At which point Ben popped over, pasted a post-it with his phone number on my head and throw milky buttons at me. My air of maturity was gone.

Ben proceeded to go round everyone in the centre and hand out what appeared to be alimitless supply of buttons. Amazing.

Mister Alan is back!!! Good news!!

And thanks to Matthew for this:-

I'm Vintage Madonna, who are you? Madonna Quiz by Turi.

Paste the code into my comments and tell which one you are!!

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