Thursday, July 11, 2002

And Happy Birthday Emily

I got to work yesterday and there was new trainee buddied up with Jackie. She said hello to me, and I said hi back kind of confused why she had greeted me. She transferred to Lynda right next to me, and I realised I recognised her voice, it was Steph Wright!! Felt mildly embarassed I hadn't noticed her.....

The High Commissioner phoned up Ben to complain they had recieved a com fax. Ben told them I had sent it. I mentioned "The Secret Life of the Office" to Lynda and then Reena joined then suddenly the call centre came alive with people proclaiming how they could never work for that bloke.

Had lunch with Ben, one of the new temps who started with Alex and the most boring man in the world. Me and Ben discussed whether we were going to come out to our teams... they are already asking questions. I said I would. I have nothing to hide have I? We discussed Emily's birthday. Someone from Snodland who knows my family phoned up!!

After work at 20:00 me and Ben rushed to Tesco's got Emily a card each (mine was of course a naked muscled himbo) and grabbed a taxi for Spoons. We meet Ross (an experienced agent whos started again on the same day we did), Mat and his laddish mates. I went to get another drink, saw Becky, Emily, Susanna and a few random bods at the bar. Then I meet Rhys Griffiths and Terry Sharp from school had a good natter with them. Me and Ben joined the girls, Becky and Emily confirmed they would not tell Ben anything. And I headed off for gees in another taxi.

Pete, Laura and Sophie (three people I haven't seen in a while) were here. It was great seeing them although Laura seemed depressed which brought me down a little. Got home and had a very surreal dream. Of late I have dreams and I actually remember them. Odd.

Off to work soon.

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