Sunday, July 14, 2002

H.M.S. Diet Coke and the Purple Penguin

Chris and Zoe came round and whisked meoff to Dymchurch beach (which I was only talking about last blog!!). We wandered along, got wet in a stream (well I did the others cleverly jumped it) and then set forth the H.M.S. Diet Coke on its maiden voyage. Said can floated well so we set it on a second voyage in a faster stream. Then it got beached. We thought it was done for but then after much jumping up and down and sand throwing we unbeached it. Sadly one of Chris' shoes was lost to the great river. :o( We salute you shoe!! Then after traversing a patch of sinking sand we heard Claire screaming "Jason" from the sea wall.

She was out with her youth group and Zoe and Chris mentioned how drunk and camp I was last night :o(
Was I that camp? tell me I can take it.

Then we went to the amusements and I won a Purple Penguin called Bananas from a grab machine. Now you know how I spent my time in Brighton, winning cuddly toys on the pier (*hugs Honey*). Gave it to Zoe.

Fun night.

Highlight: Zoe randomly going "You know, I don't think seagulls wee." :o)

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