Friday, July 12, 2002

Run Away!!

Today at work was boring, lunch with Ben and That Girl (must find out her name). Ben told me he had thrown up earlier on. We also discovered that we were known as "The Gay Ones" and are considered a couple (not in a love way as in a couple of mates who are always together). Alex joins us, and Ben stops reading my Gay Times hands it back to me making sure that Alex sees the cover (porn star). He justs loves outing me!!!


18:00 Jae awakes mid call when old lady starts saying "Hello anyone there? You ok love?" and sees Ben is missing, but computer still on.... he must be on a break.

18:30 Jae sees Ben still not there, starts to worry that Ben might be throwing up on toilets and there was no one to help him....

19:00 Jae decides Ben might be dead, starts to enquire of Reena where he is. She doesn't know.

19:58 Jae really worrying, evil call comes in (Mat had cancelled someone booking!!). Goes to supervisor to ask advice while there, informed by the Second Most Boring man In the World (who sees I am worried out of my small little mind) that Ben is fine just gone home ill. That Girl asks "Who is ill?" "Ben" "Oh is he the other gay.... um..... one..." Walks away looking embarassed. Jae realises he doesn't just like Ben. He has a major crush.... Slaps his own hand..... (no dirty thoughts please!!)

I am bored of being single (I know it has only been two weeks!!) and am on the look out for a relationship... (* Jae's male readers run for cover!!*).

Went out to Spoons with John, Pete, Zoe, Claire, and Chris, Pete and Chris really drunk. Me tired. They went to Indigo and I went home. Highlight: bloke with really nice arse stands nearby every so often bending over the railings.... mmmmmm nice.

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