Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Half An Hour Later

Lyte Funky Ones "Summer Girls" has just been on the radio and now I really am properly depressed today. I miss my friends of 1999. Colin and the like. We had so much fun. Then they left to get themselves lives and I stayed. And me and Colin broke up and I don't think I ever quite recovered from that.

One minute I had a cute boyfriend and good friends . The next they were gone. Jenny went to Machester. Colin to Glasgow. The other six went off to their unis too. And now I only see them once a year for our reunion. And "Summer Girls" is played like a hundred times, it was the soundtrack for the best year of my life so far.

And now I am left to ponder, my day at work is going to be shit. And I haven't got Colin to talk to about it. And I haven't got Jenny or Caroline to mess about with to cheer me up. My current mates are great. But... I can't communicate properly with them (not their fault, it's my fault!!)

Is there I chance I might just pop out of existence today? Please say there is. The ground could swallow me up and I would welcome it today.....

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