Saturday, July 13, 2002

The Day Of Two Birthdays

I am so no drunk okay!!

OK so me and Pete completely missed each other!!

This gave me a chance to observe really cute gorgeous guy across road who I never see in winter but who spends his summer half naked and so obviuosly looking for a good shag (from me of course... or not). What does he do all year, as he lives exactly next door yet I obsessive Jae never see him!!

But in the end we got a taxi to Lyminge and I bought Elliot a card and a "Amazing Maze". Pet6e bought a crazy wizard hat. As we walked from taxi on Lyminge high street I checked to ensure I had my wallet. I did but Pete had forgotten hat!!!! I loudly proclaimed taxi driver was an idiot. Just as taxi driver pulled up to give Pete his hat....... whoops!!

Any way John and Elliot was at Elliot's birthday, plus his sister Lydia. His mum gave everyone hello and goodbye kisses (how brave!!) and there was jelly, beer and pass the parcel. I got a crazy bird song maker and a fart whistle.

Then after watching "Chasing Amy" ( a straight mans fantasy which a lesbian turns hetro) we got a taxi to Hawkinge and Sarah's birthday BBQ.

She was drunk, one of her normal friends was (I hate to bswear but I m drunk) fuckable....

We (Me, Pete, Elliot, John, Laura, Zie and Chris) scared her sae friends.

Highlight: "Why are you so wierd Jason?" says Elliot

"I am not wierd just gay" says Jae

Whole party bursts out in laughter....

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