Saturday, July 06, 2002

Jae Goes Solo

Amazing but true, I went out with people who are not my normal group of mates!! I got to Skuba just on time, but Ben was half an hour late. I didn't see Emma until she was outside when I saw her walking away with a bloke and a girl. You were looking particularly cool Emma. :o)

Anyhew me and Ben decided Skuba was too boring and the clientele too predictable so we went to the Leas Club and found Mat, Becky and her boyfriend Dave. Mat is such a lad, which is funny. We all went to 'Spoons and then Mat and his mates went off done Indigo, and Becky discussed how camp I am of late and how it took Mat a week to realise I was gay. He he he.

Anyway Dave is far nicer than Becky made out, he seems to have a real nice sense of humour. He reminds me of Richard from uni. Ben spent the night on the phone to his boyfriend or trying to decide whether to say hi to John Pierce. He did.

Gota go seems Mister Scooby has brought me another gift..... a dead smelly mouse......

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