Sunday, July 28, 2002

The News At Ten

In breaking news, jae has three new siblings. Yes, Nan saw my dad today and he told her he now has five children!! I have yet to meet this man yet everyone else sees him all the time. So I am now the oldest of eight children. This family gets more screwed up/bigger all the time. I don't quite know how I feel knowing I have all these brother and sisters and not knowing them. Very strange...

I went off with Pete yesterday and got drunk. Saw: Laura, Sophie, Matt, Elliot, John, Chris, Chris Green, random bod, Adam and Adam's new girlfriend Jenny. Managed to scare Adams mum again when she gave me a lift home. Opps....

Work was slow and dull today. Spent day scaring poor Roy (in his seventies) by always being on a page of the Gay Times with some sexy pic of a bloke when he turned to chat with me...oops)

Just been to the beach, buried Pete. Made a castle, saw Chris at work. Fun.

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