Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Happy Birthday Sarah

Before the serious stuff.....

Happy Birthday Sarah!! Where has she been?

And I forgot to say but yesterday I had a phone conversation with the High Commissioner of the United Republic of Cameroon. As you can imagine this made me happy..... but I have yet to tell anyone as I keep forgetting!!!

So you think things are getting better do you? Part two of many

The scene: A country where same sex relationships have been decriminalised. Two young men, both aged 17, are arrested by police on suspicion of having sex in a car park at a secluded beach (hardly a crime at all in my opinion). They are forced to strip and are beaten with an iron bar ruthlessly. At the police station, they are subjected to homophobic insults, are not allowed to put on their underwear, and are refused permission to contact relatives or lawyers.

May I remind you these are 17 year old boys. Imagine how scared you would be.

There is a subsequent investigation of the incident, but the official conclusion, some 16 months later, is that no cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment has been meted out to anyone in custody.

Where did this happen? Why the "idyllic" holiday destination of the Bahamas. This country survives on tourism, so every visitor there is in reality supporting the continuation of homophobia. Support Freedom and Justice and don't go on holiday to openly homophobic countries.

And if you think this only happens in other countries.....think again. Thank you Duncan for the link.

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