Thursday, July 25, 2002

What A Big Mistake

I am so in the doghouse with Ben...

Basically he assumed I would be meeting him last night at the Leas Club. He failed to confirm it with me. In fact he hasn't spoken to me much since the 19th when he got together with his laddish friends. But he still thought I would simply do as told and report to him at the pub and be his friend and look after him (he is scared of the Leas Club, remember the toilet incident?)

Becky and Emily relayed this to me today. And guess what, I actually feel bad. So tomorrow when he comes in I am going to be extra nice to him, just to make myself feel better. Even though Ben hasn't made an effort to speak to me in ages.... Time to put my "being nice routine" into practise for once...

My new Sims are Mat and Marek. I hope they have as lovely relationship as my last Sims (see April posts).

Commonwealth Games start today. I shall be supporting Ian Thorpe for truely sport related reasons of course.....

BB ends tomorrow. I would rather poke out my own eyes with a hot poker than support any one of those boring/annoying housemates.

Thank you to Blue Roses for the quiz.

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