Saturday, July 27, 2002

Very Peeved Off

I went to town with mum bought crazy argos stuff, went to Alkham Valley Garden Centre where I got to droll over hot garden centre staff. Yum.

Got home, then phoned Pete who said "You start walking and we will start walking and we will meet somewhere near the far end of Cheriton road" (not a quote) So knowing my friends I left it a good 15 minutes before walking (they are always late). Satrted walking, it was hot, then made it all the way to town. No Pete.

Might annoyed I went shopping, got a taxi home and then phoned him to find they hadn't even made it half way.

I am now in a bad mood. All they need to say was just leave it half an hour or meet you at the Leas. Grrrr.....

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