Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Posted by Pete, Bless His Heart

My computer will be fixed by Thursday at the latest! Suffering massive internet withdrawal symptoms!! :o)

Done loads of stuff, mainly at Gees', but have felt really down of late.

Finally sorted out my debts, oh yes people, I have a payment plan! Cheered me slightly.

Gone off Ben, Completely. He is even more immature and fickle than me (impossible I know!!). I like my men intelligent, mature and fun-loving. I want intensive conversations about politics, art and history, not about Posh 'n' Becks or Big Brother III (=So Very Boring)

Aaaahhh!! Need a man. Feeling so empty without one. (tut tut, John, you are so dirty!!)

Right must stop being self-fitying... time to dust of the Great, New and Improved Jae Project 2002.....

Tell me what you have been up to.... and use my frigging GUESTMAP.

See you soon!! I hope......

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