Saturday, July 20, 2002

Normal Service Will Resume Shortly

Posted on Jae's behalf by Pete. Thank you!!

Posts may become few and far between as my computer is deaded. :o( And I won't be able to read your blogs either. I am already suffering withdrawal symptoms!!!

So yesterday was awful, nasty customers, same nasty debt related letters and Stephen phoned which reminded me, this summer i have no boyfriend. :o(

The good part was when Ben took his lunch early to "Keep me company" Sweet!!

I went out to the Leas Club and Pete had got me Madonna: The Intimate Biography. Joy!! Was there with Pete, Laura, Chris, Zoe, John, Elliot, and Sean. Rob, Sophie and Plastic Matt also made appearences. Saw Becky, Mat, Emmsy and that really hot guy from Thursday.

Today I went shopping with mum, discovered "La casa della gelato" Yum!! Also met "Crazy Jane" a mad shop assistant atDebenhams who gave mum a "Thre Step Test" and forced me to accept lots of free male cosmetic stuff. Oh I looked so gay!!

See you all as soon as I can!! Happy Birthday Laura. 18 years old, you can legally drink!!

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