Monday, July 15, 2002

What makes a good night out?

I am never quite sure.....

I know for a few months over the winter I was really into clubbing and I suppose I thought that did. But each summer I remember what makes a really good night out. I have since about February gone off clubbing in a big way.

The best nights I have ever had comprise a few key features....

1) you must be with friends, people who you are comfortable enough around to enjoy the silences as well as the loud times.

2) you must be outside. This is key. I am Wiccan and during the summer there is nothing I like better than being out.... And contrary to popular belief Britian has nice summers... (the Green Festival in Mote Park was sooooo cool!!)...

3) Random bods..... they are usually friends of friends who turn out to be great fun and a good laugh... And as you are very unlikely to meet them again, you don't need to be hung up on impressing them..

4) plenty of food and drink. the night out must start at about 11am when you head off and finish only after the fire and the Bbq have turned to ash around 3am.

5) the music should be groovy but not overpowering... Morcheeba or Garbage.... Something summery and light.... it should be in the background while you have that deep conversaton about politics followed by a round of "what's your fav sex positon?" and then the telling of the "funny" story involving you, a cucumber and a trip to a&e....

6) you shouldn't get too drunk!!!! A few beers here and there and there will probably be some hash going round (not that I have any) and it should be mellow, not drunken

7) random trips to shops/beach/tattoo parlour are encouraged.... as long as you are only away from garden/beach party for no more than 15 minutes.. any longer and you will be alienated...unless you have a cool story to explain your abscence

What is your idea of a good night out? Leave a message!!

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