Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Toblerone Mischief

Work really dragged yesterday as there were hardly any calls and most of the calls were price enquiries. Had lunch with Becky, me and Evil Fat Bitch are now at least on rolling eye terms, and one bloke phoned up and asked (this is a car shuttle service may I add) "Are driving licenses important?"

I walked home with a spring in my step not realising until I got to my street that I had walked all the way home with very limp wrists. I have begun to notice I slip more and more each day into campness. Nothing wrong with it, but it's strange how quickly it has turned up.

I went out with Annie, Zoe and Pete to the Leas Club, saw Becky again, then I saw Elliot. It seemed to take the others longer to spot him despite the fact he seemed to be on fire. Any way John, Elliot and, I have been told Ed arrived. We left. After discovering a whole, brand new alley way, we headed for Gees. Saw Sonia, who was excited about her new computer publishing abilities, Pete had a really nice drink (mmmm aniseed), and Zoe had some chips (mmmmm chips).

Pete gave me a belated birthday present!! A giant Toblerone!!!!! Woo Hoo!! Yummie Yums.....

Annie told me about a party she went to last night at the hockey club. Guess who was djing? MT himself!!!! And I saw his big (and he is very well tall, and broad shouldered) brother Andrew the other day, who is just as gorgeous....Spent the night reminding myself... MT is not to be lusted over.....

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