Wednesday, July 31, 2002

No more titles. That is right. Titles distract from the text and are getting repetitive. Titles shall now only appear when something major happens (i.e. Jae Marries Kathy Najimy or something).

At work today had lunch with Ben again, got so bored, had to spend day helping new temp Glynis, then walked ben to Tesco's (where he was to buy his first gay mag ever(!!). Aaaahhh bless) and then went home. Talked with my supervisor about my free ticket. I need only a few days warning, so mateys start thinking of dates you want to travel to France and drivers. Please note that use of this free ticket may be dependent on Ben coming with us. Maybe.

Am feeling so horny and rebellious today. Liable to do random things. And you know my random things usually involve rather important and memorable incidents....

Hello to Jenny!!! You are Leeds University Challenge Team Jenny are you not?! Or have I got the wrong end of the stick (oh please John stop being so dirty!!)?

And hello to Greg who wrote really nice things about me on his blog.... *blushes*.... thank you, and I reallylike your blog too.

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