Monday, July 15, 2002

Come Fly With Me

Okay so I rearranged my links, in readiness for a whole new set of regular reads. To all those who I took off my list, sorry but there were just too many!!

Anyway note: my new Folkestone section. Thinking of getting rid of Flobble and sending it to the great DreamPortal in the sky.

Does anyone use my new guestmap? No, so go use it!!! It is so easy!!

So you think things are getting better do you? Part three of many....

The Soho bombing. Need I say more. No as you can find out the details here.

All readers must read this

And please read this boys blog and his Monday 15th July post and see how much "better" things are.

No matter how small the incident of homophobia, stamp it out. Re-evaluate your opinions, are you homophobic? Even I am trying to remove any latent homohomophobia. So you can as well!!

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