Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Absolute Randomness

I had a very random night last night. Claire, Pete, me, Zoe and Chris drove around for ages trying to find something to do that didn't involve Wetherspoon's. We went to Dover, Samphire Hoe (thats all the rubbish from Eurotunnel dumped in the sea, given a new name and calleda nature reserve), discovered Pete's lush new phone works in tunnels and ended up at Claire's via some cheese stick buying. (They are delicious)

Chris and Zoe went as they were tired or something and me, Pete and Claire went into her house. Sometime in the evening Claire's German students who are staying for a couple of weeks came in and asked "Is Michael Howard a good MP?" Thus we all dispensed some good bits of wisdom "He is a bastard" "He takes from the poor and gives to the rich" etc. Completely unbiased of course.....

Claire's mum, bless her, gave me a lift home. Six Feet Under just gets better. Last night's involved the ghost of a gang leader dispensing advice to David on coming out and not being "no ones bitch". QUALITY.

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