Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Boing! Plastic Matt is Back

In a development Mister Plastic Matt himself has chosen to grace our small insignificant town with his illustrous prescence. Welcome back Matt (and thanks for the hovercraft transformer which I found in my travel bag the other day :o))

Sorry Dusty for cutting short our AIM. Duty called. Hope to speak more soon.

Went down Sunny Sands. Had a fun time, saw a cute gay couple lounging on the beach together. Then we went to Gee's saw Vicky, Pete and Chris hatched tentative plans to travel to the moon using one of Gee's umbrellas. Pete seemed to be in mad "Child Catcher" mood. Don't ask.

Then went to Sainsbury's for munchies. Mmmmm Coca Cola....

After which we headed for Ashford cinema and much to my annoyance saw Scooby Doo (I wanted Resident Evil). It was poo. Chris, Zoe and Pete seemed to like it tho.....

Ah it's late and I have to be up at 6 tommorrow....

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