Monday, July 08, 2002

Shrek and Other Such Fun

Last night went out with Chris and Zoe, "flew" a kite (as well as you can when it stays on the ground), and then went round Chris' house to watch Shrek (which of course I watch every chance I get). Nice night, thank you guys.

The story below really is just one of many. I want to remind people that homophobia (big and small) stills exist and that we still must watch out. Please remember in no country do gay men and lesbians have the same rights as heterosexuals. Only in South Africa do we approach it. That's NO COUNTRIES!!! That is unforgivable.

Today at work had lunch with Ben, swapped mags with Ben and discussed the worst example of homophobia we could imagine, A fate worse than death. That is coming tomorrow.

Got a lift home with Ben and his dad and I think I am supposed to be going out right now, am so very tired.....

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