Thursday, July 25, 2002

Guess Who's Back?

Got my old computer back. It is fixed but has some groovy new features that I don't understand. It does have a webcam and it can play the Sims (expect boring Sims related stories from now on :o) )!!! Woohoo!!!

Thank you readers for sticking with this while I have been off and thank you Pete for keeping my blog alive. :o)

Been really unhappy over the last week. But yesterday evening, instead of going out with Becky, Emily and Ben as planned, I had a night in. I can not remember when I last had one. This cheered me up (along with Terminator, Predator and Alien which made me smile).

I have decided to try and be less arrogant from now on and try to get to know my friends better. I know becky from work better than I know my own mates. Scary!!

I have decided San Francisco is to be my next destination. Watch this space......

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