Friday, July 12, 2002

Wow, Great Night Out

So yesterday at work...... Becky and Mat failed to turn up as they had gone done Indigo and were suffering hangovers. My mentor Valerie paid me a visit with some evaluation she had done on my calls. I got 77.74% coming second in the group, Ben beat me with 78%.

Realised John Pierce is in the running for Most Boring Man In The World when he spent lunch reading a dutch magazine to me, Ben and that new temp girl I had lunch with the day before. Ben confided in me "The people here are really getting me down...." pauses, "...not you, of course" Seems his team won't really talk to him, and he is thinking of leaving. :o( He also told me he is thinking of doing a Jae (not in that way you dirty people...) and run off to France on his own for a while.... I hope I haven't started a trend among young Shepway people.....

Ben left at 7pm (an hour early how did he manage that!!!), and after work I got home tried on my nifty new jeans (woohoo) and then rushed out with Chris, Zoe and Pete to the Happy Frenchman. The times before when I have been there (Shaven Haven gigs and the like) I have always found it dead dull, filled with old people.But not last night!! Everyone I have ever known, and then who have fallen off the radar were there. Chris Bassant (Lynda at work is his mums best friend) and Chris Dunham from school. Some random bods I had once spent a day stuck in a bus in a car park with. In France.... Sam Johnson, a couple of gay blokes I recognised. Some of the FOD crew (drama people who frequent Gee's)... oh and of course I finally all too briefly met Emmsy of blogging fame!!! Check my links if you don't read her blog. And there was this guy there who was the spit of CD. Oh he was fine!!

Cool people, brilliant band, really cute guys (some actually gay), people with actual fashion sense. I had a really great night. Me and Pete hatched tentative plans for a complete reinvention. Got home had a reheated pizza, chatted about deep shite with Tony, went to bed happy.

Mum is back from Scotland highly stressed.... major stressoroni...

Picture of MT on back of Herald me happy......

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