Friday, September 27, 2002

Zoe came round and we watched VH1's one hundred worst videos..... they were BAD!

Decided to go to cinema, saw becky and chatted to Pete on phone on the way... he is okay but typically forgot to register with uni....

We saw "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" which, although not mentally taxing, was excellent! I want a Greek wedding!!!

Went to 'Spoons had a beer and Burger meal (cheaper than McDonalds and you get a beer, a huge burger and proper chips....mmmmmmm). Lesbian barmaid has a name..... Gemma!

I got an MT update from Annie.... he has big hands..... Thanks for that Annie! Imagine the consequences... yum!

Me and Zoe came home read AXM, watched League of Gentlemen..... (HM Prison Clitclink!!) v. scary!

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