Sunday, September 22, 2002

And Now For Something Completely Different....

Here is a little insight into how I see the pressing issues of the day.... please remember all views held here are my own, I do not need to explain them in depth to you and will only do so if asked really nicely.

The Child Abuse Fiasco

Child abuse is completely wrong. It is sick and absolutely abhorrent. Just like rape and murder. What is also sick and abhorrent is the lewd, and disgusting way the press report on it (do you really need to know such detail). And what is even worse is the way the "Moral Majority" react to it. Scaremongering from the press and stupidity from the masses.

Justice must always prevail. Mob rule and violence is ALWAYS wrong. We are human. The Gods have given us a choice. We can be more than the sum of our base emotions. Paedophiles (this is how us Brits spell the word) must be held in anonymity until they are convicted. My greatest ideal in life is "Innocent until proven guilty."

Men Face Extinction

Ha!! The right wing press, mainly, has been suggesting that soon men will be done away with, as science progresses. Ha! Women may not like you poor self-loathing hetrosexuals who write this SHITE. But some of them actually like the nice normal men (i.e. the ones who don't worry about their "impending" extinction)! Shocking. So get over yourselves!!

War On Iraq

I always support freedom and democracy. Iraq has little of either. Thus if ALL other possibilities are exhausted, I will support war. But only if G. W Bush promises he will treat all unjust, undemocratic nations similarly. Otherwise, what is the POINT?! Zimbabwe, you may be next.

Fox Hunting

Of all the threats to our great country way of life, the ban on fox hunting is NOT one of them. The Countryside Alliance (oops sorry the Little Hitlers) need to focus more on saving those in poverty, than protecting the way of life of rich gentlefolk. My family back home in Snodland hunt and fish. But only for food. Pests should be controlled with a quick shot to the head or fast acting poison. Using dogs to kill a tired, terrified fox is akin to feeding Christians to the lions. Both appeal to the base emotions (the latter appealing to mine!). But neither can ever be condoned in a civilised society. If you want to hunt for sport, go live in some backward nation like Iraq.

And finally....

Abortion and the death penalty. I support neither. I find both abhorrent in world where life is supposed to be sacred.

Abortion however is a womans choice. This is their right. And I support their right to do to their own bodies what they will. I may not like what they do, but if I am to be allowed to do what I please I must sacrifice some of my ideals for reality. I know it is confusing!

The death penalty however is not a choice of anyone who matters. The recipient is usually a fully developed human adult. Their body is their own property. We may take from them their liberty. But we must never take their life. It is the Gods who choose the means of death, once someone has been born. We must never take on that responsibility for ourselves.

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