Wednesday, September 04, 2002

OK work is getting interesting.... ok not interesting but at least less repetitive....

My team won the insurance incentive!!! This means we get a double long lunch breaks all next week and on Friday the 13th a real slap up meal!! Yum!! Because of the stress caused by the telegraph offer on Monday, the big bosses (you know the real power brokers) bought all us lowly scum, chocolates and jelly sweets. And lots of them may I add. *Jae sighs contentedly*

And on Monday it is circus theme day, should I go in fancy dress as advised? Or just eat all the pop corn and stuff?

Am going to Leas Club in a bit to see Becky, and Emily and possibly Ben. Work bods UNITE!!

Chris is back visiting YAH! And we are off to France tomorrow .... again, I hear you cry!! Yeah twice in two weeks is a bit indulgent but hey I am young!!

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