Monday, September 09, 2002

The Circus Comes To Town

Today was really great at work...... spoke to many people who I usually am too shy to speak to.... Reena, Stacey mainly (they sit opposite me and in direct eye view about 1 foot away and I never speak to them!!). Stacey went slightly..... erm.... hyper on candy floss, and threw popcorn and drew me pictures, and said things like "he is naked" down the phone to my customers..... v. funny.

Candy floss? I hear you ask. Well it was circus day at work invovling fun games ("Fishy Duckie!! Fishy Duckie"), pop corn, sweets, dips and as much candy floss as you could eat. I won a box of mint white chocolate matchmakers!! Some came dressed up....... everyone was smiley and happy, and we paid little attention to "customers".

At lunch Ben chatted excitedly about tonight.... am going clubbing but don't want to..... but Ben and Pete are making me..... Ben said if he likes my friends he will let me go home early...... looks like a late night for me then.... :o)

Ben also mentioned how "we" (who are we?) have been looking for this site...... it isn't hard so will find it soon...... try "Darren day topless" that seems to work..... should I edit old posts to avoid embarrassment?

New new new temps started today...... one really cute..... me and Ben fought over who was going to be allowed to have him.....

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