Sunday, September 22, 2002

So nan came over yesterday, it was nice to see her.

I went out to Spoons last night, meet Elliot there. Pete's bar bitch Adam served me immediately both times I went down, he even knows my drink.

Laura, Chris (Green) and Zoe turned up followed by Lauras friends, and a bloke Elliot had bit (!) on Thursday. It was a good night really, am sad to see Laura go. Also lesbian bar maid had a conversation with me. It is funny, before she knew I was gay she was rather cold, now she is really nice to me.

Got a text from Pete.... he is having a good time. He is in a flat with 6 blokes (mmmmmm.....) and has seven girls in each flat either side.

Walked home with Elliot. In KFC one of the cashiers tried to serve me before the bloke standing ahead of me. I politely said it wasn't my turn. Once the bloke had been served he turned round said thanks mate... as you do...... then touched my bum, winking as he did..... hmmmmmm..... straight blokes are CONFUSING!! And it wasn't just a light pat on the bum. It was almost a grope! Even Elliot commented on it.

Elliot stayed over.

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