Sunday, September 08, 2002

OK so got home, had a bath, and then texted Pete to see if he was still up for shopping. We decided to go to Ashford on a train. At the station we found a strange glowing box with two buttons on it. One said "Information" the other "Emergency". Being sensible we pressed infomation........ In a loud booming voice "You are being recorded, and the police have been called" We sat down like good little boys. Police never came. After a while old lady shouts across platform "Trains ain't running anymore, ya need to catch a bus".

Yeah right, we thought. We headed for town, creating a crazy new plot for this site called "A Who's Who of Folkestonecore". Went to Smiths, saw Annie, bought a magazine, then went into Debenhams. We became hopelessly lost, left through a side door and tried again. This time we found clothes, Pete had a fashion crisis so returned to see Annie for advice. "Black" was her advice. We went to Mark One where Pete found a snazzy number but were hungry so left for McDonalds then would return to buy it. Saw camp server again (name of Gareth) and meet up with Elliot.

Finding Mark One now closed (Grrrrr says Pete) we headed into Marks and Sparks then to Spoons, see Lesbian Bar Maid who gives Pete...... the "look". Then headed down to beach, Elliot bought a shirt...... I became horny again at sight of beefy boy topless..... darn well at least that was 3 non-horny hours!!

Return to Spoons for meal, (hadn't we just had McDonalds?) and barman from last night seemed pleased to see pete had survived Uber-Shot. Discovered Elliot was also incredibly horny..... it really is catching, and I apologise all who catch this from me!! Walked to Gee's saw Vicky, had chips (more food) then went to beach (again) where we laid down burnt things and meet Sam. Went and got more chips. (hhhhmmmmm) Cruised in Sam's car, Pete hung out window, went on porn hunt for Elliot which ended in me buying coke (cola). Went to the play park (oh the memories) scared a couple having sex, Pete hung out window more, lost his wallet, went home.

Now that was random!!!

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