Friday, September 06, 2002

I went out on Wednes. night. Saw Becky and Ben. Love them. Had nasty incident involving my lap and pint of lager. Grrr....

Yesterday got up early, walked to train station with John and Pete, they had to go back in Airport stlye rush as had forgotten passport!! Got train to Dover, got tickets for ferry, had depressing thoughts about looks. Ferry was fun (NB: was with Annie, Chris, Claire, John, Pete, Sam and Zoe) as annoyed old people with such classy songs as "White Wedding" by Billy Idol (see below) and George Micheal's "Outside". Left bar just as the sound of Gloria Gaynors "I will Survive", sighing with satisfaction at job well done.

France was as always great (feel much better mentally when in France) had fun, although everyone else appeared tired/annoyed. But I love le French so Yah!!

Went round Claires after watched Goonies had serious (ly good) chat.

V. excited bout Sunday now.

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