Saturday, September 07, 2002

Ah...... am soooooooooo horny. Scared toby with glares of lust so badly he looked like deer caught in head lights (v. sexy deer may I add). Pete and Chris came round, chatted to Greg, then went out in search of.,.... Sarah. Went to Sainsburys.... saw MT's car, went into trance, saw him inside, looking gorgeous and making already horny Jae very, very horny!!

Went to Leas Club, said goodbye to Chris, who is going back to Sunderland and stealing Zoe till Friday. :o( Found out Laura is in Menorca. :o(

Pete and I discussed horny status (seems my horniness is catching both he and Claire claim I, innocent Jae, have corrupted them, huh!) then Annie plus two nice random people arrived. Jody (Zoe's sister) and her boyfriend came to see us. They are scary in that they seek out our company despite our scariness. Love them as they are COOL.

Followed Annie and chums down to Spoons like little lost sheep. Pete made one of Annies friends drink an uber-shot. It is v. scary. Everyone left I ordered taxi, eyed up gay men leaving Spoons gave them "the look" (see Troubled Diva's site for more info). Pete I think I may coming clubbing more.... seems Folkestone gay population is finally reaching high levels...... the club is now MIXED!!!

OK must have sex with bouncer at Leas Club. His arms are SSSSSOOOOOOOO nice. Having sex tomorrow, plus may go shopping with Pete........ mmmmmm sex and shopping.........

And Pete, Annie Mike is not too old. He is just the right age for his sexual manliness.........

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