Thursday, September 19, 2002

I am a happy bunny today people!!

So here is a story. On Thursday I recieved a letter saying "Give us 100.19 pound now or you shall die muhahahaha!!" from a debt company.....

So being stupid I sent a cheque for the amount straight away leaving me poor, and I guessed the cheque would bounce....

But today I got a letter saying... "We are sending the boys round..... muhahahaha".... I was even less happy so phoned up to see what was happening.... the lady who answered said don't worry pay us by the end of the month and everything will be okay.

I go away..... and realise I have already paid them last month. Hmmmmm....

So I phone up again and inform them that I had paid all of that debt. Man who answered quickly realised I had a duplicate account..... he cancelled it... apologised for all the hassle and I went and cancelled the cheque!!

Which means I am as happy as can be.... for once I am actually keeping up with my debts and it was their mistake not mine!!

So let us all sing and dance!

Go outside and feel the morning sun!!!

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