Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Hey Sam I do know how you feel kind of.... I got restless at uni long ago as we all know! Remember if you do need to talk just give us a bell!

Scooby caused an accident yesterday and some poor girls motorbike was written off... thankfully he is unhurt!

Mum saw two of Atomic Kitten today..... I don't know this jet set life she leads.... flying to Scotland every Friday... hanging out in top London hotels!

If my family mention the word "Zoe" one more time I shall beat them to death with a large stick.....

The follow is nicked from Pete and Sam
1) Starting time: 18:59
2) Your name: Jae kay
3) Nicknames: Gaybum, Braeburn, Big Gay Bear
4) School: The Harvey
5) Screen Name: Jkay8838 (my own), Jkay8839 (my monitored one)
6) Eyes: Blue
7) Height: 6’8”
8) Pets: 3 cats Millie, Angel and Scooby. They rock!
9) Siblings and ages:7. Significant ones: Beth and George aged 6
10) Been so drunk you blacked out: Me? Drunk? Oh please as if….. I mean I don’t remember being that drunk…. Oh…. Maybe I blacked out….
11) Gone out in your pyjamas: No
12) missed school because it was raining: I love the rain! Miss school because of it! Ha as if!
13) Set any part of your body on fire for amusement: No
14) Kept a secret from everyone: Most definetly
15) Wanted to hook up with a friend: No…. well maybe a little.. but not a lot….
16) Cried during a movie: I find I cry through too many movies
17) Had a crush on a teacher: No. Except that art teacher bloke.. the newish one….
18) Ever thought an animated character was hot: He-Man!
19) Planned your day based on the TV: quite often
20) Been on stage: I was Joseph in the school nativeity
21) Used Herbal Essences Shampoo? Of course
22) Favorite colour: Blue
23) day or night: Night
24) Summer or winter: Winter
26) Satin or lace: Neither!
27) Favorite cartoon characters: Bam Bam!
28) Do you like anyone at the moment: Lots of people actually
29) Friend you have known the longest: Erm… my canadian pen pal?
30) Loudest friend: Not me….. Elliot
31) Who is the most shy: None are shy. Some are naïve.
32) Who do you go to for advice? Pete, Laura, and well everyone
33) Cried: Two much
34) Reason?: Because I am me.
35) Cut your hair: a couple of weeks ago
36) Wore a skirt: No
37) Met someone new: Kira and Martin?
38) Missed someone: Melly!
39) Hugged someone: Laura
40) Fought with your parents: we don’t just fight we eternally despise each other.
41) Wished upon a star: I wish on every star…
42) Laughed until you cried: The time Pete explained about birds… and Blue Tits
43) Played Truth or Dare: Wetherspoons… all the time
44) Watched a sunrise, or sunset: Last weekend in Zoes car with Zoe and Pete
46) Read a book for fun: Bridget Jones
47) Ate rocks: Pardon?!
48) Are you lonely: Yeah
49) Are you happy: sometimes
50) Are you in love: all the time
51) God and the Devil: Not those two no…. but in some others I do
52) Love: Of course
53) The closet monster: Ah! What you mean there is a monster in my closet…. Get out!
54) Do you believe that Richard Simmons is gay: Oh he so is!
55) Superstitions: are the stuff of a good witch
56) What is your full name: Jason Alan Jonathon Kay
57) Who named you? Mum…. Eventually!
58) Backstreet Boys or N*SYNC: N*Sync rule!
59) What colour pants do you have on right now: Blue jeans…. (I guess this is american….)
60) What was the last thing you heard: Mum and Tony telling me how wrong suicide is. How selfsh… and wasteful
61) What is the last thing you said online: Bye!
62) Who is a cool dude: Emmsy is a cool dudette
63) What is your favorite number: 69 ;o)
64) What was the last thing you ate? Pasta
65) Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? Some isolated cabin deep in a rich and vital forest.
66) How's the weather right now? Cool, clear
67) what did you do last night: watched a movie with Zoe
68) what do you notice about the opposite sex: they aren’t as attractive as blokes
69) How old are you today: 19 years and three months and 7(?) days
70) How do you eat an Oreo: I pull it apart, and eat it in pieces… I am scared I know so much about US culture
71) Who makes you happiest of the opposite sex: Cool groovy lesbians!!
72) Dream car: none!
73) Favorite food: Lasagne
74) Favorite day of the year: Tuesday
75) Do you like to dance: not really
76) Fast or slow: slow then fast ;o)
77) Are you too shy to ask someone out: Yeah
78) If you could change your name, what would it be? T T
80) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: No they spend the night fighting on the shelf above.
81) What is the stupidest thing you have ever done: said “I love you”
82) What will your first daughter's name be: Melly
83) What will your first son's name be: Mark
84) Do you like scary or happy movies better: Scary!
85) Like or love: Love
86) Do you consider cheerleading a sport: no
87) Do you want your friends to write back: only if they feel like it
88) favorite body part of the opposite sex: erm……I think these questions are really homophobic!
89) one thing u want to say rite now: Live your life be free!
90) best day of this year so far? The day I ran away
91) what will you dream of tonight? MT
92) End time: 19:00 (the next day… I took a break ok?)

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