Friday, September 13, 2002

OK so I am talkative today. I have been on a late shift... on early tomorrow.... aaaahhhh!!

Stacey at work seems to be a good laugh. She seemed genuinely pleased to see me today.

Jenny, who I find out is not in fact a true supervisor but is just standing in (for like a year), seemed to make a joke when I said "I have a long one on the phone" (my speak for "help I am about to die, as customer is sssssooooo stupid"). "You wish" she said with a dry smile. Hmmmm.....

Mmmmm.... think I will dream of Sam H tonight.. he was looking very good. He scared everyone when taking orders.... "And what do you want?" "And you?" "And Jason how can I help you?" Everyone jumped, gave him a suspicious look and Marie-Anne asked "How do you know his name?" in a very suspicious way. :o) After we explained she laughed and said "Jason knows all the boys". I really do think I have a bad rep. Greg said something similar today. OK call me mister celibate from now on. (not that I will actually be celibate but hey, who cares?)

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