Friday, September 20, 2002


Work was strange.... Reena informed me Stacey fancied me.... which is actually quite flattering if only a bloke fancied me....

I went out straight after work.... found John in Spoons and moved on to Leas club. Laura arrived ({{hugs}}) and I got chatted up by some bloke at bar. Pete and Zoe arrived, then Becky, Ben and Terri (Becky's friend). Ben and I went to get money out and I chatted to him about how he was feeling after he was sacked. :o(

Then MT arrived. I NEED him so bad. Thanks to Ellie for ensuring I know he is staying in Folkestone and not going to uni (where I would have followed!).

Pete and Laura left for club, gave them big hugs. Shall miss you!! :o(

Then Becky and Ben left without a goodbye after telling me I was the worst mate in the world for not going clubbing with them. :o(

That left me feeling really quite depressed. Only MT, John and Zoe cheered me slightly. Well mainly MT did and I think the word cheer should be replaced with word.... horny.

This boy called Alex sat with us for a while. Now he had hugged me, Zoe and Pete a couple of weeks ago. Realised he is really cute. Has reall nice eyes.

Am slightly depressed still. Am I a bad mate for not going clubbing as I hate clubbing?

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