Friday, September 13, 2002

I keep thinking about Lympne (is that how you spell it?) And I keep thinking how lonely it will be. Here in Folkestone I am ok, I need not spend anytime at home, there are plenty of places to go.... town, the cinema, the co-op ( :o) ), out with my friends, or just for a walk. There is a cruising area, a gay bar, and somehow that makes me feel better, knowing they are there even if I use them hardly ever.

In Lympne all these things are a bus journey away. I know that sounds ok. But I walk almost everywhere. I don't like public transport (my legs don't fit and I hate human beings...... causes problems!!). I will not use it. And thus I will be trapped. Away from any hope or joy. I could think positively, but shan't. Now I have nothing in my life. No home. No freedom. No love. No privacy. All have been taken from me.

And, may I add, I am pretending it isn't that bad to my parents face, I don't want to be accused of using emotional blackmail again. So remain silent, but tearful in my room.

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