Monday, September 16, 2002

Well yesterday was very random.

I was slowly, but surely, going out of my mind. Tony and Mum have begun to pack (note we move out in a month!). Thus they asked stupid questions like "Can we throw this out?" while holding up my first edition #1 2000AD. I had started to get annoyed. That was when Pete phoned and I made my escape, praying my parents didn't do anything foolish.

We met up outside his house, where he told me stories of the week past. I realised he and Laura and other bods are leaving this weekend!! And I have no money to go out and get drunk with 'em. Sheesh!

We went to the co-op where Pete discovered the deep mystery that is the co-op automatic door. We wandered along to Safeways, annoyed Zoe, then went to 'Spoons and had a meal, (thanks Pete) and headed back to Safeways to meet Zoe. She had already left. Bought some water, and as we wandered towards her house, Pete throw some at me. To get himself back he tipped water over his head..... hmmmm.... what was that about?

He turns to me "What is his name?" "Who?" I ask stupidly..... "The ninja pirate." he replies as if this should have been obvious.......... this really sums up our conversations. For the answer check out here

We got to Zoes house, and were reminded how cool Jody and her boyfriend Russell are. They don't just tolerate our inane babble. They think it is amusing. We bow to them.

Leaving Zoe's we headed to the beach... I think, it is a bit blurry. There we wandered, and then sat on some well placed rocks, staring contemplatively out to sea. I realised that in Lympne, there is no sea. :o( There used to be in Roman times.... but no more.... And I realised this would be everyones last Sunday together. Claire, Adam and Chris are already gone. Sam leaves in a couple of days. And then the rest....

Oh wait I remember we went shopping and saw Annie. Now I know from Pete, Ellie was asking about me the other night.... but so was Kira.... I am pleased!! People like me.

OK so then we went to Petes as he smelt. Here we searched his entire collection of music (all 1000 tracks)..... wow! Then we moved on.... to my house? Did we do anything between that? Here we stayed for a while.

Then in the dark we returned to the beach, scared Zoe with scary stories while I looked out over the bay at all the bright lights and dreamed I was feeling better and had a boyfriend and was happy.

Then we went home.

Random stuff.

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