Monday, September 02, 2002

Just had strangest dream. It started out with me living in some East Coast town, happy as Larry. Then my therapist (!) arrives and tells me we must visit my home town to "face my demons". Said home town was at max, 150 yards down the road.....

Anyway once there the car broke down, I lost the therapist, and storm brewed up forcing me to seek refuge in an American style cinema. Where to my horror I discovered a lost enclave of people still watching Star Wars: The Musical, which is very scary.

Escaping from that neverending hell (the film was on a constant loop), I sought refuge in a house with a young mother, her eight year old son ,and a crazy old lady with a pet iguana. It quickly became apparent that said town was under attack from a group of neo facist soldiers, and I must say the old ldy was a mean shot and great for defending the house.

We hatched a cunning plot, and headed for channel tunnel (in America?). We were stopped at immigration by v. cute soldiers, at which point dream went off at a tangent, a not unpleasant one may I add.

Dream ended with us escaping from neo facists..... strange.

Please note I continue to find Darren Day inexplcably sexy, and he turned up in an earlier dream..... OK people this is a good taste EMERGENCY!!

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