Saturday, September 07, 2002

Hmmmm *ponders* why is our group so unlike any other? I mean, of course we are not like those preppy Leas Club people. They are far too uptight. But I thought that more "alternative" people would be more fun. But they are not.

My group of friends are liable to be silly, to dance and sing loudly in public, to loudly discuss sex and random stories while sitting near old people. It seems few other groups like to have any fun, instead seem more interested in sitting in Leas Club/Spoons and talking quietly. So I order all Folkestone people to: 1)sing while waiting in a queue. 2)when in groups of two or more, discuss your fav sex position/how long it has been since you had sex. Do this preferably on bus/train/at a crowded bar. 3)pole dance around any thing even remotely resembling pole.... post box/pillar/policeman. Really put your back into it!!

NB.... all of above copyrighted to Pete.

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