Friday, September 20, 2002

God late shifts really are strange, you meet all the "late crew" and stuff (saw playmate Natalie who I presumed was missing..... no she was just being one of the late crew..). But guess whose sweet voice drifted over the partition walls to me today...... Jeremy's...

He must have been on holiday looking all tanned and stuff..... YUM!

It is a shame you can't stay in contact with friends you make in dreams...... made some great ones last night but had to break it to them that they were not real. Darn my lucid dreams! And one guy was so cute.

Pete (who is in lurrrrrrve) and others leave tonight. Have a dilemna. Will of course go out with Pete and others and make incredible fuss of them buy them drinks and tell them off for being all student like. But Becky and the work mate crew (Ben included) will be out as well. I can't really hang out with them as it is like the Hardc0re groups last night together... but if I ignore them or just say a brief hi I WILL be hated for ever and ever and ever..... hmmmmm

And no I am not going to Indigo... shall not do things I don't consider fun!! Oh wait.... oh no..... I just realised who is coming out tonight...... *bangs head against keyboard*.....

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